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About Herb Spirals

You certainly can plant what ever you like in an herb spiral, the difference is going to be the growth cycle and pattern and eventual size of the plant.

Annuals, like basil, chamomile, and anise need to be replanted every year, while perennials will persist year after year.

Plants that grow quickly, and can be invasive in the right conditions, like mint, and lemon balm, are not always the best unless they can be contained somewhat.

Really large growing plants, like lavender, (though there are prostrated or small versions of lavender that stay small too) or rosemary will eventually crowd out other species.

I think the list you have is good and you should feel free to experiment with it. Our typical herb spiral consists of the following plants:

  • Oregano (classic pesto/pizza flavor)
  • Marjarom (sublimely sweet oregano relative)
  • Thyme - (creeping varieties are nice)
  • Chamomile (mild sedative)
  • Feverfew (fever reducer - some would say works)
  • St. John's Work (anti-depressant..haha)
  • Stevia (sweet sugar alternative)
  • Coyote Mint (a slower growing, less invasive native of the genus Monardella)
  • Sage (tricolor looks nice)
  • Parsley (high in protein by weight)
  • Lambs ears (nice soft fuzzy herbal medicine)