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How To Poop In A Bucket

Why Choose a Humanure Toilet?


Perhaps a better question is, why shit in your drinking water? Which is what most people do when they flush the toilet. The average Californian flushes between 9 and 19 gallons of fresh water down the toilet each day. With a compost toilet, you can dramatically reduce your water consumption and provide your garden with nutrient rich, homegrown fertilizer!


To make a simple 5 gal. Loo to use indoors, you’ll need:


- 3/4” thick piece of plywood, to cut the square and boards from

- (4) 2” x 2” x 12” legs TOOLS:

- (2) Hinges - Jig saw

- 1 1/2” Galvanized screws - Drill with bits

- Standard Toilet Seat - Measuring tape

- Several 5 gal buckets (lids can be helpful)


























Just cover your deposit and TP well with sawdust and you won’t have any foul smells.

Once you fill your 5 gal bucket, you need a pest proof compost area to age your humanure for at least a year before using. Need more convincing to take the plunge? Check out: The Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins or his website: www.josephjenkins.com/books_humanure.html for lots of info, videos, and more!